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Purchasing furniture upholstery is generally a time consuming process. There are many factors to consider like the color of the furniture, the fabric, material, size, and style. Budgetary considerations are also of utmost importance.

With such costs involved, you will want your choice to be the best one, and you will probably want to keep your furniture in use for years to come. The best way to guarantee longevity with your furniture is through regular maintenance. This usually requires weekly cleaning and vacuuming—not to mention a monthly deep cleaning.

However, with our busy schedules and familial obligations, it is easy for upholstery cleaning to fall by the wayside. Instead, your couches, chairs, tables, and other upholstered sets and piece accumulate the dust and debris of everyday life. At Coast Range Carpet Cleaners, of Roseburg, OR, our upholstery cleaners can save you all of that time and trouble with our premier upholstery cleaning services. Before you know it, your sofas, loveseats, and chairs will look refreshed, inviting, and brand new.

Importantly, the removal of dust, dirt, and pet dander will do much to prevent sickness and developing allergies—and thereby purify your home with the clean air that it deserves.

At Coast Range Carpet Cleaners, we begin our furniture upholstery cleaning with a comprehensive inspection to determine the fabric type so that the right product is used. In addition, we isolate any areas that might require special treatment. While other professional cleaners prefer to use a simple extraction method for every type of stain, we apply pretreatment products for those deep stains that you never thought you could get rid of.

Our cleaners then vacuum up every particle, crumb, and fiber, including the undersides of cushions and pillows for thorough sofa cleaning. If you have any pets in your household, we thoroughly brush off the fabric before vacuuming, as pet dander tends to cling to upholstery. Finally, upholstery cleaning takes place, using the appropriate technique that is contingent on the type of upholstery fabric or material (i.e. vinyl, leather, cotton, plastic, wool, etc.).

At Coast Range Carpet Cleaners, we are meticulous and comprehensive, and we will leave your furniture looking as immaculate as it did when you first purchased it. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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